About Me

I have always been passionate about music. My father got me into audio listening to the pieces we now consider classics. It only made sense to work on audio products. I took several courses on electronics, circuitry, and audio. After all this, I was fortunate enough to be trained by someone who worked on the major brands of audio for several years. He beat several things into my stubborn head and I thank him for it. I then went on to work for a speaker shop and several other electronic and audio shops locally, from my home-based shop. My reputation grew very fast and I now specialize in the restoration of vintage audio. Oh, and I still do work for the local speaker shop. I have a wonderful woman with two beautiful children of which I love to spend time with. I feel very blessed in all the things I have. I love working on the classics of vintage solid-state audio. I'm glad to be doing my part in keeping these classics alive.