Run Down

On Complete Restorations you get...

Any repairs needed to get your unit back to working condition. Complete cleaning of unit - inside and outside. Polishing of knobs and faceplate.

All electrolytic capacitors replaced with Low ESR types - when possible. I use Elna Silmic II type audio capacitors in direct signal paths. Small value electrolytics are replaced with film-type capacitors where applicable.

Regulator, protection, and power supply sections are typically rebuilt with all new transistors, zener diodes, and regulators. Speaker and soft start relays are also replaced.

Filter capacitors are replaced, in what has become almost an art form, to match the physical size of the originals. I use computer grade screw terminal type, unless I just can not. Filter capacitors are then bypassed with a very good quality film capacitor.

Amplifier section gets outputs and drivers pulled and re-greased. Most amps get new differential pairs. They will be high gain, matched, low noise types. Capacitors are again Low ESR type when possible and Elna Silmic II's in the signal path.

All the parts used are up-to-date modern replacements, that are typically better than the original parts and are still available. Solder gets touched up. Controls are cleaned and lubed with Caig Deoxit products. All lamps are replaced with original types. LED conversions can also be done. Any and all adjustments are made to all sections. Lastly, rigorous testing is performed.

Preventative maintenance is implemented on each individual section of your component. If I see where a better part should have been used, I will put it there. I am extensively trained and experienced with a great understanding of audio circuits. The end result of my restoration is a component which sounds like the designer intended. Capacitors and other components have come a long way and are much more reliable. This in combination with my experience results in a product that is, a lot of times, better than new.